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artiste peintre


Micha Tauber is a painter of dutch origin, she lives and works between Burgundy and Paris

photo Maya Noriega 2023

Micha Tauber constructs her paintings like a mental map.

Her painting is a tireless search for clarity and an endless attempt to better understand the unknown and tame the world.

She likes to create a connection, an encounter. Curious, passionate about maps and geometry, and everything related to life, connecting to what is, what is seen and what is felt, her practice is her own care for the soul.


Between balance and imbalance, it plays on the superposition of memories with multiple resonances. Her pictorial alphabet speaks of intimate symbols and universal language, like a melting pot of a multitude of fragments, personal stories and collective realities.


Paper cutouts as a backdrop, as a starting point for a palimpsest, through a multi-colored palette, using paints, inks, chalks... the work is constructed and treats shape and color as narrative elements main.

From the juxtaposition of colors a play of spaces is born, the profile of a real or invented landscape emerges. Images free themselves from their informative function to make visible what we no longer look at.

Between abstraction and narration, each canvas is a new exploration of materials and techniques, an attempt to explore and appropriate a territory through the collection of images, found papers, writings and stories that summon the universal imagination.

Her research aims to explore aesthetic possibilities through the combination and repetition of elements of her personal alphabet in order to topograph and map the real landscape and her imaginary world in the same time.

The work contains a simple and methodical organization, using repetition and pattern to arrive through successive layers and transparencies in a harmonious final composition which tries to restore the beauty of the place and tell the story of living together.

In front of the finished work, as if in a labyrinth to be solved, the viewer is transported to his own interior landscapes. He is invited to let himself be immersed, hypnotized, lost in it, and by modifying his perception, find himself.

The whole  can be seen as a game of assembly, in free association of ideas and without imposed reading direction.


Micha Tauber's work thus offers a mirror of our own reality.

Through this process, the spectator is the creator of his own path of thought. At the same time, he is witness to what binds him to the artist: cultivating wonder, opening up to the sensitive world, taking care of the living...and longing for PEACE.

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