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Micha Tauber is a painter of dutch origin, she lives and works between Burgundy and Paris

photo Maya Noriega 2023

Micha Tauber's work is her own care for the soul. Her painting is a tireless for truth and an endless attempt to better understand the unknown and tame the world.

Her desire is to create a connection, an encounter. Curious about everything, passionate about  all related to life, by connecting to what is seen and what is felt, she constructs her paintings like a mental map.


In her monumental works, she builds the canvas little by little. Between balance and

imbalance, it plays on the superposition of memories with multiple resonances. Her

painting speaks of intimate symbols and universal language, like a melting pot of a multitude of fragments and collected life stories.

She varies the pictorial techniques using found papers, painting, drawing, engraving, writing. The exploration is done in complete freedom, through different media such as wood, canvas, paper, textile.

Her paintings are of great intensity, where shapes and colors collide,  that awakens the senses, invites a change of scenery and the exploration of the imagination.


Each canvas is a new exploration of a map of materials, techniques, and  a new construction of shapes and colors. Her research aims for an esthetic  composition in resonance with the beauty of the place, of living together of all the living beeings.

In front of the work, the spectator is transported into his own memories, sailing towards

his own interior landscapes, some evocative, others calming. There may be lose to find yourself in your own labyrinth, without any reading direction imposed, in complete immersion.


Micha Tauber's work thus mirrors our own reality. The spectator can see his own story there by using his imagination, by looking randomly, by entering a hypnotic state, by modifying his perception and pointnof view. Through this process, the spectator is the creator of his own path of thought and at the same time witnesses what links him to the artist and what is important: taking care of the living.

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