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vin & vignes

In 2016 when living and working at Montmartre, I made labels for white wine produced by friends and La confrèrie des Sainfoins in Le Perreux sur Marne, city where I lived for a long time.

I enjoy setting game rules and working in a collective dynamic with other artists, musicians, engravers, writers... winemakers !!

I create by following memories that emerge. I transmit my feelings, reflections, my thoughts, reactions to a context, to discoveries and observations. Thus, an imaginary world, a personal cosmogony is shown, an environment where everything seems to be transformed until a certain balance is achieved. Colors, shapes, words retained in memory create a colorful atmosphere; this rekindles a certain joy, a reconnection to places, to perceived details, to senses and to taste.

About the Sainfoins:

The Brotherhood continues the work of enthusiasts united in an association who, for cultural, educational and folkloric purposes, wanted to reconnect with the historical heritage of the town of Perreux sur Marne which was for a long time a wine-growing territory.

The vines yield 150 to 200 liters of an associative and cultural wine called Clos des Sainfoins or Perreux sur Marne wine. It is a wine of pleasure which presents a character full of freshness and finesse, typical of the East-France region. This wine is not marketed.

Thank you my dear friends in memoriam to Claddie


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