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Studio Kura - August 2019

A summer in Japan, artist residency with my partner un life,

we wrote a little book,

Micha Tauber & Cyrille Faivre

« Two Europeans in Japan.

Welcome to Itoshima,

in Kyūshū, island of the south.

A rendez-vous with love and dreams,

forms and colours.

Shared views, encounters,

change of scenery and wonder. »

"Aller voir ailleurs.

Loin, très loin.

Itoshima pour un mois"

« Kokoro »

Micha Tauber & Cyrille Faivre

Inspired by the surroundings and exchanges, with a sense of wonder and part of dreaming, their curious view of everything. All that has been absorbed.

Painting the unseen.

A rendez-vous with love, life, stories, shapes and colors.

Collection Quatre Chemins conçu par L’Atelier des Noyers dirigée par Anne le Maître. paru en juin 2021


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